As part of our 2022 Book Week celebrations, it was an absolute pleasure to welcome back to Oakhill College, Mick Elliott (Class of 1990) and 1990 College Captain. Mick is a successful international author, illustrator, screenwriter and producer who wrote the epic kids books Squidge Dibley and The Turners trilogy. He has worked for many years on kid's TV shows for Nickelodeon, the ABC, The Sesame Workshop and Channel 10 and programmes such as Slimefest, Camp Orange and The Kid’s Choice Awards. 

Year 7 and 8 were enthralled to hear that Mick’s clever and funny books were inspired by his own school shenanigans! With one of his past teachers in the audience, he recalled some relatable stories, explaining that everyone is a storyteller and has a unique story to tell. Just like exercise or going to the gym, reading is a workout for your brain and we know this makes you smarter, which is one of the reasons why our Wednesday’s Drop Everything and Read has been successfully met by students and parents.

Mick’s authenticity is one of the success factors of his extraordinary career. His relatability and research mixed with some honesty, fun and mischief shine through to the reader.

Mick is currently dividing his time working as an executive producer on the exciting new 20 part kids series for Nickelodeon International and Channel 10, writing and illustrating new books due for publication shortly.

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