When the Brothers worldwide want to honour someone who has lived the principles of Saint John Baptist de La Salle to an extraordinary degree they make them an honorary Brother. This is a high honour that shows the affection and esteem the Brothers have for this person. On Thursday 4th February, we officially presented our own Mr Chris Goodman with this accolade.

Mr Chris Goodman models the Lasallian Principles to all within the College Community. Through his tireless community work for the spiritually and economically poor, along with his respect for all he comes in contact with, Chris is an individual who actively lives the Lasallian Principles in all he does, not only for Oakhill College but also the wider Lasallian family. He is a man who touches hearts and transforms lives through his care, support and dedication to Lasallian values. He is the epitome of the Lasallian principles as he demonstrates faith in the presence of God through his active role at College Masses and Spirituality Day’s and his demonstration of Gospel values of compassion and love of one’s
neighbour through his care for those in need, as evident through his founding of the Lasallian Service Tours which Oakhill is known for, has been a significant formation activity for the Lasallian Volunteer and Youth Ministers programme. Oakhill College has consistently provided a significant number of volunteers for both programmes since their conception. Chris takes a leading role in the Oakhill community to ensure it is an inclusive community with quality education as seen through his support and active drive of initiatives such as Day of Difference.

Chris has high esteem for Lasallian Spirituality. He is a graduate of the Buttimer Programme in the United States and has facilitated the staff's annual attendance to the Lasallian Service Induction programme. As a Lasallian and a leader, he has ensured that the Lasallian character at Oakhill College is evident to all. He has encouraged and supported staff and students to participate in district-wide programmes. He has also facilitated and supported twinning arrangements between Oakhill College and many other organisations at home and abroad.

He is a man who touches others lives through his care, support, and dedication to the Lasallian values. He reflects the essential element of relationships as key in Lasallian education, and he actively lives the ideal that “young people need good teachers, like visible angels.”

Chris is humbled by this honour. Chris knows that our Lasallian world is a world that we should all be proud of. Being part of the Lasallian family and its extended network means that we share the same values of faith, service and community - values that make us closer to God – values that should be the driving force in everything we say and in everything we do.

Chris thanks his extended Lasallian ‘family’ and in true Chris style, shared his achievement and joy, thanking his colleagues and mentors who have walked alongside him to teach and guide our community, to make sure that every individual here can grow to be the best person that they can be. He thanked the students of Oakhill who always ‘walk the talk’ and rise to the occasion to make our world a better place through the many opportunities we have to give to others who are less fortunate.

Chris reflected that being of service to someone else is a great privilege. To be an authentic Lasallian is to be of service to others. Chris has inspired many past and present students and colleagues to donate generously to our numerous appeals and volunteer their time to make a difference to those lives of people around us.

Mr Chris Goodman is a most worthy recipient of Affiliation into the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools.

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