Oakhill College recently welcomed back alumni to participate in our panel discussion, Careers Breakfast. Our panellists all have successful careers which started from completing a generalist degree and are now working in a diverse range of areas such as defence, education, transport, insurance, social work, psychology and law. We heard in detail about the fundamental skills they learnt in completing one of these degrees and how these skills have helped them to achieve their success.

Our panellists gave students an insight into how opportunities open up in unexpected ways. They advised students to stay open with their choices, have a passion and try to incorporate that into their career path and also to have a fallback plan. They discussed how failure often leads you towards your chosen path and to take opportunities when they arise, as even if they aren’t perfect they will often lead to something more given there are no straight career paths.

The panellists also outlined the growth industries in the 21st century, how they will continue to grow and the specialists that are needed to fulfil these positions into the future. They advised students to study subjects that interest them, and that knowledge and language are power – making them important skills to master.  The students heard first-hand experiences about being proactive, authentic and honest to secure their futures.

Macquarie and UWS Ambassadors had further insights into tertiary courses, career paths and degree pathways. They spoke about the work they have completed with industries and employers ensuring degrees are ‘fit for purpose’ in the workforce, therefore giving students strong foundations to build their career upon.

Oakhill College is grateful for the time and expertise given by our alumni mentors and university ambassadors to assist our students in their decision-making process during and after high school.

Our next Careers Breakfast will be on Thursday 4 June and Wednesday 19 August.

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