Tennis is played year-round by Oakhill students in both the winter ISA tennis competition and the summer local Hills District competition.  All home games are played on the College tennis courts.

The ISA competition is a school-based weekend competition played in Terms 2 and 3. As members of the Independent Sporting Association, all students have the opportunity to compete in the ISA competition representing Oakhill. Teams are also graded on their ability. However, it is not unusual for younger boys to make the 1sts – some as young as 12 have played in the Oakhill 1sts in the past – with great success.

The ISA competition involves teams of four players, with each boy playing three sets on a Saturday morning. The morning starts with two doubles, then the singles finishing off with reverse doubles.

The competition concludes with finals in the second week of August.

Pathways to representative selection require ISA participation.

Hills Competition Tennis

The Hills tennis competition is a graded competition, played throughout the Hills District on a Saturday morning. Players are put in teams based on their ability rather than their age. Teams comprise of three players. The competition commences in October and concludes with finals in March.

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