Year 9 Service Programme, St Edmund’s College Wahroonga

Year 9 Service Programme, St Edmund’s College Wahroonga
September 14, 2017 Oakhill Web Admin


In Year 9 all Year 9 classes attend St Edmund’s College Wahroonga helping the students. St Edmund’s College is a wonderful special education school in Wahroonga. The Oakhill College students experience what life is like in the shoes of a St Edmund’s student. The skills that they learn on the excursion include writing in braille, going on a cane walk blindfolded, playing blind cricket and goal ball, and connecting with students with special learning needs.

The message from the St Edmunds Wahroonga excursion is that everybody is the same and that you can live your life to the fullest despite any difficulties that may appear in front of you.

Oakhill College would like to thank everybody at St Edmund’s Wahroonga for enriching us with this wonderful experience, for sharing their knowledge, stories, talents and time with us. We are looking forward to our upcoming community service visits to St Edmunds in 2018.