Year 12 2018 Excel in HSC & ATAR

Year 12 2018 Excel in HSC & ATAR
January 2, 2019 Oakhill News


Well known for its all-round excellence, Oakhill College once again excels academically, achieving extraordinarily well in the HSC but even better in the ATAR.

Vanessa Messina will be awarded College Dux for achieving the highest ATAR score for 2018 of 99.10, and 56 other students will be awarded High Achievers at a ceremony at the College in February 2019.

Three Oakhill College girls received ‘All-Rounder Awards’ in the 2018 HSC receiving a Band 6 in all subjects: Melinda Cook, Juniper Riordon, and Hannah Skoudas; 52% of all grades were Band 5 or 6 (the second highest number since 2006); and 116 or 37% of students were listed as Distinguished Achievers attaining a Band 6 in at least one subject.

Of significance also is that 91% (44 out of 46 subjects) had means above the State mean which helped students attain excellent ATAR’s with 56 students or 19% of students attaining an ATAR above 90. This is the highest percentage of ATAR’s above 90 since 2006 and is the benefit of hard work by teachers and students to ensure class means were high and standard deviations narrow – everyone working as a team to do their best.

Of significance also is Izabella Zeaiter, a Year 11 accelerated Studies of Religion (2U) who sat the HSC exam along with the Year 12 students and was placed 4th in State – an outstanding effort.

The College had 10 Onstage nominations for Drama. Two of these were group performances titled Disconnected by James Bertollo, Conor Byrne and Cooper Eagles, and Paradise by Patrick Carter, Joshua Gracie and Thomas Ryan. In addition, Hugh Radvan was nominated for his individual performance titled Diary of a Madman; Joshua Gracie for Accidental Death of an Anarchist; Renee Khamis for Two; and Tom Ryan for Happy Birthday Dad.

In Dance, Julian Chan and Sarah Western were nominated for their core or major study performances, with Sarah being been included in Call Back for her Core Performance. This is an outstanding achievement and we look forward to seeing her onstage early in 2019.

In Music, two students, Niamh Duggan and Jonathan Nati, received nominations for their overall performance/composition. In addition, Niamh actually achieved a perfect score in her Extension 1 Music course.

Congratulations also to Christian Chacty, Cameron Dyball, Joseph Georges, Diyaa Rajbhandari and Justin Saliba who were nominated for inclusion in InTech 2018 for their Timber or Graphics Major Works.

At the beginning of the year, the 2018 Year 12 cohort were challenged to aspire to greatness, aim for the stars and let their light shine so as to achieve their potential. The cohort worked hard to reach their goals and many of them achieved high above their expected goal which is a testament to their hard work and commitment throughout the whole year.

The College is extremely proud of all the Year 12 graduating class of 2018 all of whom are going on to desired and aspired pathways not only academically successful, but all-rounded, community and service driven. This year the graduating class demonstrates a breadth and depth of talent with outstanding results in multiple ways.