Year 10 Transition – Careers Day

Year 10 Transition – Careers Day
November 20, 2019 Oakhill Web Admin



On Wednesday 20th November, Year 10 attended either a university immersion day or stayed on campus and heard from several key industry based organisations about Trade and other pathways beyond school.


The students who attended the universities (Macquarie or Western Sydney) participated in several workshops that were ‘tasters’ for diverse types of degrees offered through a University pathway. For example, boys worked on creating and testing solar cars (Dept of Engineering and Mathematics), tasted ice-cream made from liquid nitrogen (Science) or ventured into the world of the ancient cities (Archaeology and Humanities).


The students also spent the day being immersed into Uni life experiencing things like wandering the large campuses eating at the various food facilities and working within the lecture/learning spaces.


On campus, the boys were given very advantageous advice about acquiring apprenticeships and what sorts of jobs are currently in need in Australia, as well as an overview of the Defence Force Recruitment Team about careers across the Defence force.


The Careers day was designed to help students think beyond the current moment and to start to think about the types of skills or portfolio they will need to build as they venture closer to completing their schooling life.


A huge thank you to the following teachers who either accompanied the boys or stayed with them on campus for the day: Mr Matt Rath, Mr David Ellwood, Mr Damian Asprey, Ms Stefanie Camden, Mr Greg Butler, Mrs Alison Dalby, Mr Troy McMurrich, Mrs Louise Homsey, Mrs Jillian Butler, Mrs Marie Hogan, Mr Rogan Jacobson, Mrs Marisa Quattrocchi, Mrs Gabrielle Seaton, Mrs Donna Findlay, Mr David Newman, Mr Jason Rophail, Mr Adam Watson.


Ms Rose Garofano

Assistant Principal Curriculum