Oakhill’s Spectacular Production of Molière’s ‘The Bourgeois Gentleman’

Oakhill’s Spectacular Production of Molière’s ‘The Bourgeois Gentleman’
March 5, 2017 Oakhill Web Admin

Congratulations to the Year 12 students for their HSC production of The Bourgeois Gentleman. Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme (1670) is possibly the most famous French Classic and was written by Molière who is one of the greatest masters of comedy in western literature. Molière, or John Baptise Poquelin (his family name), was a contemporary of St La Salle’s father and was from the Bordeaux very near Madame Moet’s estate, St La Salle’s mother, and like Monsieur La Salle was close to the Court of King Louis XV.


Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme satirizes attempts at social climbing and the bourgeois personality, poking fun both at the vulgar, pretentious middle-class and the vain, snobbish aristocracy. The title is meant as an oxymoron: in Molière’s France, a ‘gentleman’ was nobly born, and thus there could be no such thing as a bourgeois gentleman.


Some regular attendees were heard to say “the best of many years of great productions”. Thank you Mrs Herron, the Drama Department and all the team.