Oakhill College Year 9 Market Day

Oakhill College Year 9 Market Day
September 18, 2017 Oakhill Web Admin


Tommy Grillfiger and Holy Moly Guacamole were two of the more memorable company names involved in this year’s Year 9 Commerce Market Day. Market Day is a 10-week program that allows Commerce students to learn about running a business in an engaging and realistic way. The activities of the program are designed to create a business environment that is as authentic as possible. During Term 3, the students became young entrepreneurs operating their own (ad)ventures. The Commerce Faculty took on the roles of Office of Fair Trading, ASIC, Bodgey Bank and customers.

This year the Commerce boys established 16 enterprises. In order to come to an understanding of how businesses operate, each company then; went through the process of incorporation, issued shares, elected a Board of Directors, prepared, monitored and modified a business plan, conducted market research, sourced suppliers, calculated unit costs, advertised, kept minutes of daily board meetings, kept financial accounts, conducted a risk assessment, designed a safe handling of food policy, produced a product, declared and issued dividends, met corporate social responsibility goals by contributing to a charity, prepared an Annual Report, and of course paid tax.

All 16 groups are to be congratulated on their enthusiasm and involvement in this year’s Commerce Market Day program.