Oakhill College Students Supporting Vinnies

Oakhill College Students Supporting Vinnies
August 29, 2017 Oakhill Web Admin

Two core Lasallian values are concern for the poor and respect for all people. The Oakhill College Concert Band and the Year 8 leaders reflected these values last Friday when the Concert Band performed in Parramatta Centenary Square to raise funds for St Vincent de Paul.

Oakhill College is very proud of its connections and support of charities within the community. The Year 8 leaders collected $1,146 on the day with Parramatta City Council donating another $600 for the lunchtime entertainment provided. A wonderful result!

As the representative from Saint Vincent de Paul wrote in his thanks to the College “I’m sure you and your students know that their efforts today… are really appreciated by Vinnies. It is especially appreciated of course by our brothers and sisters who usually don’t have in their lives what we all have in abundance – love, health and the support of family and friends.”

Such events could not happen without the support of staff. Thank you to Anthony Timmins, Academic Head of Music and Richie Leilua, Oakhill College Youth Minister, for all their organization, care and support of this event.