Oakhill College Presents ‘Boy’s Own McBeth’

Oakhill College Presents ‘Boy’s Own McBeth’
June 11, 2017 Oakhill Web Admin

Written in 1978 by Australian play write, Graham John Bond AM, Oakhill College students Years 7-10 have had a ball performing the musical ‘Boy’s Own McBeth’.  Phillip Parson’s in 1979 described the play as a “bizarre send-up of the happiest days of your life”. Boy’s Own McBeth is about Terry Shakespeare and his two sons who have been students at Dunsinane Boy’s School for up to 36 years as a result of a bequeath from Terry’s wife, who was the Tuckshop lady, to provide full board and education at the school until they graduated. In an attempt by the Board to be rid of the Shakespeare’s, Terry rewrites this famous Shakespearian tragedy.


A caste of over 50 Oakhill College boys enjoy the tragedy and humour known of all Shakespearian plays but with a few twists. Startling performances can be seen from upcoming Australian actors James Waters as Terry Shakespeare, Harry Schweikert as Clifford Tobias (Headmaster), Tanner Woodhead as Ronnie Elston (Drama Master), and Daniel Walsh as Morrie McBeth who is really Marie McBeth who is forced to impersonate a boy by her father who wants him/her to attend Dunsinane.


Lots of intrigue and much enjoyment and enthusiasm from the boys of Oakhill.