Oakhill College Celebrates Classic Cultures for Languages Week

Oakhill College Celebrates Classic Cultures for Languages Week
June 17, 2019 Oakhill Web Admin

From the 27-31 May 2019, students and staff at Oakhill College celebrated Languages Week with a series of events to raise the profile of languages within the College community.

Oakhill College strongly believes that learning a language is an invaluable skill for life.

The program of events during Languages Week included the broadcasting of French and Italian news and music, competitions and quizzes, the sale of delicious cannoli to fellow students and staff and taking selfies of world-famous landmarks using our green screen. The week concluded with a football penalty shootout between Italy and France!

The teaching of languages introduces students to cultures and a way of viewing the world that they may not experience otherwise, enhancing collaborative and critical thinking across all subjects. Academic Head of Languages, Ryan Griffiths recognises the benefits of bilingual capability. “With Australia becoming an increasingly multi-cultural society, speaking more than one language fluently is an asset both personally and professionally.”

“A command of a foreign language helps develop ones own first language, and also allows people to communicate more effectively in society in both the written and spoken word.” said Mr Griffiths.

Students at Oakhill College currently study both Italian and French in Year 7. They then choose to study one of these languages for the duration of Year 8. From Year 9, students can study either language as an elective.

Quinlan Gooley, a Year 10 Italian student, always wanted to learn Italian. “Italian is an exquisite language with a flowing rhythm and a sound which is music to my ears.”

Jesse Garofano, a Year 12 Italian Continuers student, believes learning a language was important for him to continue the culture of his ancestors. “I think it is essential for me, as a grand-child of the first Italo-Australians, to continue their language and traditions into the future and pass them on to my children and grand-children.”

Oakhill College offers language and culture tours to students every second year, with the next tour being to Italy in 2020. “These tours allow students to be immersed in the language requiring them to put their language skills to use and also provide an opportunity to experience places and cultures they have learnt about.” said Ryan Griffiths.