Oakhill College announces the winner of the Master Plan Design Competition

Oakhill College announces the winner of the Master Plan Design Competition
May 30, 2018 Oakhill News

New developments for the Oakhill College campus are on the way to becoming a reality.

In November 2017, the College announced its proposal to develop a Master Plan for the campus that will place the Catholic secondary high school in Castle Hill at the forefront of learning and education.

A design competition was subsequently launched to select the architectural firm that will develop the Master Plan.

“We were overwhelmed by the level of interest in the competition with five companies being invited to a site tour and receive a detailed Master Plan brief,” said the Principal of Oakhill College, Brother Steve Hogan.

Three leading architectural firms were shortlisted and presented their design ideas to the Master Planning Committee last month. Mayoh Architects, BVN and URBIS, all have strong experience in designing contemporary learning environments and each successfully addressed the three design principles of the Master Plan brief: flexible innovative learning spaces that inspire; connectivity and fluidity; and the provision of a traffic and pedestrian solution.

In a board meeting held early this week, the College announced URBIS as the winner of the competition. URBIS will begin work on perfecting the plans, in consultation with the Master Plan Committee. It is envisioned that the Master Plan will be complete by September this year.

Prior to the Masterplan announcement, the College hosted a “think tank” session with leading representatives in education, design and architecture. The purpose was to establish ideas on how to improve the learning experience at the College.

“The changing nature of work and the expectations of families within the community has necessitated a revision of how we approach the five key learning principles of the College,” said Br Steve.

By making the best use of existing assets and resources, the Oakhill College Master Plan will also seek to identify new facilities and improvements, and prioritise the resulting works program. The final Plan will describe how the College will integrate new developments alongside repurposed and refurbished facilities.

Preliminary analysis of current facilities and buildings at the College demonstrate that there can be cost effective improvements within the school to facilitate learning in the future. To be competitive in the market and offer the best educational opportunities to students, the Master Plan will identify and prioritise the specific needs of the College over the next 15 years.

Design ideas from URBIS, as well as the other shortlisted firms are currently on display in the College reception. Staff, students, parents and the general public are welcome to view the plans.

“As an educational institution in the Hills District, we need to continually review what we do and how we prepare students for the future whilst maintaining our core values. We are excited as we look towards the future of learning, and the formation of fine young men and women, at Oakhill College,” said the Principal.