Future of Learning Spaces (Asia Pacific) Workshop

Future of Learning Spaces (Asia Pacific) Workshop
April 10, 2018 Oakhill Web Admin

On Thursday, 5 April, 2018, four Year 10 students – Alex Corbett, Ben Gangemi, Patrick Tolhurst and Nathaniel Deitch, attended the Future of Learning Spaces (Asia Pacific) Workshop in  Woolloomooloo. Working with teaching staff from other schools, interior designers and architects, the aim was to plan and design classrooms that can adapt to changing educational environments and provide students with the best possible educational opportunities and outcomes.

The main areas that were discussed included:

  • People – learning should be personalised for every student;
  • Pedagogy – teaching should be innovative, collaborative and multi-modal.
  • Place – learning spaces of the future will be flexible, multi-modal and innovative.

Oakhill College students used their own experiences to guide the professionals in formulating new teaching approaches and developing general classroom designs that they believed would be more effective than current classroom setups. These ideas and designs will now be reviewed by experts with a view to incorporating them into a new school in Perth.