Senior Students engaged in group tasks to insight communication amongst one another.

Retreats and reflection days at every year level provide students with opportunities to develop their faith journey through guest speakers, sharing of stories, contemplation and reflective activities.

Senior retreats provide time and space for students to examine their relationships at a deeper level and to be given skills to listen to the ‘whispers’ of God in the everyday events of life (cf. 1 Kings 19: 11-13). In this way we aim to develop in students a clearer sense of their identity and purpose to prepare them for life beyond school. Such experiences also serve to strengthen our Catholic identity and build relationships within the College community.

Junior reflection days are facilitated by our full-time Lasallian Youth Minister and supported by a vibrant youth ministry programme, comprising our Year 11 and 12 Lasallian Youth leaders who put into practice our motto of being ‘brothers and sisters’ to the younger students by leading small group activities. Retreats and reflection days are thus an important aspect of student faith formation at the College.