Students participating in Liturgy as a group at Retreat

Enriched by the core values of Lasallian education, Oakhill College nurtures students to understand, appreciate and celebrate the Catholic faith and its traditions. Central to the faith life of the College is our sacred Chapel, which provides a reflective environment for prayer and liturgy.

Opportunities for prayer are offered regularly through Tutor Group classes, House groups, assemblies, and as part of the ceremonial life of the school. At the commencement of each day, students are reminded of God’s presence in their lives. Prayer and liturgy are also key components of student reflection days and retreats as well as staff spirituality days.

The College community comes together for Mass several times throughout the year, where the centrality of the Eucharist is clearly evident. College liturgies are joyful celebrations, featuring beautiful music and a high level of student participation and engagement. Mass is also held regularly for students, parents, staff and members of the Brothers’ Community in our Chapel.

Prayers and Reflections

During the COVID-19 pandemic our Mission Team have been working behind the scenes to bring you a series of prayers and reflections for you to enjoy from home. Launched in April, we have a series of four online prayers with a different theme each week.

Week 1 – How we handle the loss bought about by the pandemic
Week 2 – Solitude
Week 3 – Mental Health
Week 4 – Hope