Leadership Formation

A key focus at Oakhill College is to provide a pathway for our students to develop into the leaders of tomorrow.

As soon as students commence at Oakhill College, they are provided with decision-making and leadership opportunities. As students gain confidence and develop, they are given broader and more challenging leadership opportunities.

Students are able to nominate, and be nominated for varied leadership positions throughout their time at the College. Every position has different levels of responsibility, but our challenge for students is for them to become the best leaders they can.

With leadership comes responsibility, so we encourage students to practice and promote self-discipline, responsible decision-making and accountability. By Year 12, every student is considered a leader at the College and is expected to show initiative, lead by example and be an inspiration to others in the school community, providing an expression of the core Lasallian values.

Our focus on developing leaders of the future means that our graduates are confident, committed and compassionate people ready to contribute positively to the world.