House System

Student welfare or school‑based pastoral care refers to the total care of the individual. Pastoral care is an important aspect of every school. In Catholic schools it is a high priority. An authentic Catholic school focuses on people. It seeks to cultivate a sense of belonging, cooperation and compassion. At Oakhill College pastoral care practices are based on Catholic values and a belief in the uniqueness of each individual.

Pastoral Care in the College operates within a six House system. On entry to the College all students are allocated to a House. Year 7 and Year 8 students are grouped in horizontal pastoral care groups. There are 12 Homeroom groups (two for each house) in both Year 7 and Year 8. Each of these year groups have the same Dean, Assistant Dean and Homeroom teacher for both Year 7 and Year 8. Students are grouped in vertical pastoral care groups from Years 9 to 12. In this system, the Year Deans (Years 7 and 8), House Deans (Years 9‑12) and Homeroom teachers are primarily responsible for the care and attendance of the students. In addition, there is a Student Coordinator responsible for Years 9 and 10, a Student Coordinator responsible for Years 11 and 12 and two full time and two part‑time Counsellors.

One house is named after Saint John Baptist De La Salle himself, each of the other houses commemorate other De La Salle Brothers.

benildus Benildus Yellow Named after Saint Benildus Romancon
France (1805 – 1862)
Feast Day: 13th August
lasalle La Salle Red Named after the founder of the De La Salle Brothers
(1651 – 1719)
Feast Day: 15th May
miguel Miguel Purple Named after Saint Miguel Febres Cordero
Ecuador (1854 – 1910)
Feast Day: 9th February
mutien Mutien Green Named after Saint Mutien-Marie Wiaux
Belgium (1841 – 1917)
Feast Day: 30th January
solomon Solomon Light Blue Named after Blessed Brother Solomon LeClerca
France (1745 – 1792)
Feast Day: 2nd September
turon Turon Dark Blue Named after Eight Brothers
Martyred 9th October 1934
Turon, Spain
Feast Day: 9th October