Girls at Oakhill

2016 marks the 40th Anniversary of young women playing a vital role at Oakhill College

Co-Education Offers an Enriched Academic and Social Environment

Co-education is about nurturing confidence in young men and women as they prepare for real-life experiences. At the College we have a diverse student body that reflects the importance and equality of both genders and we work to establish strong foundations for future success, as the educational environment is reflective of society.

The benefits of co-education for girls is well documented:

  • Girls develop confidence;
  • Girls become more well-rounded individuals – academically and socially;
  • Girls gain valuable socialisation experiences; and
  • Girls learn that competition can lead to achievement.

Girls enter Oakhill College in Year 11 for a number of educational reasons:

  • For the wide range of subject choices;
  • For the wide range of extra-curricular programmes;
  • For the opportunities for leadership;
  • For spiritual development;
  • For the development and encouragement of the individual reaching their potential; and
  • For the value we place on achievement.

Why young women attend Oakhill College

Join us for an informal evening demonstrating how young women accomplish, develop and excel in the College Community. Meet some of our empowered women, past and present, and experience the many opportunities on offer at Oakhill College.

Event Details

Thursday 8th March, 2018 from 7.00pm – 9.00pm – CSC Foyer.