Oakhill offers all students a chance to explore their creativity, refine a variety of performance and interpretation skills and heighten both their communication skills and their self-esteem.

Students studying Drama at Oakhill have a number of performance opportunities both within a group and as an individual. These include the Junior Musical, Year 9 Drama nights, Year 10 play, Years 11/12  play, Fast & Fresh Scriptwriting Competition, State Theatresports Competition and the full College Musical staged in Benildus Hall. There is also the opportunity in becoming a part of the school’s ‘Technical Theatre Crew’ and working on a range of public performances.

Many of the College’s Drama students work with professional agents and we are proud to have helped produce such talents as The Umbilical Brothers, Stephen Le Marquand, currently working with the STC, as well as NIDA graduates now working as Stage Managers, Producers and Event Managers.