In the Drama classroom, Oakhill offers all students a chance to explore their creativity, develop a variety of theatrical performance, production and interpretative skills and heighten their ability to communicate and collaborate. Drama is one of the best areas of study that focuses on ‘soft skills’ and refines emotional intelligence – areas that so many contemporary career paths require in our digital age.

Outside the classroom, Oakhill students have many opportunities to explore the world of theatre. Each year, we stage three productions- the Year 10 play, the Year 12 Play and a Junior or College Musical. Oakhill also participates in the NSW State Schools TheatreSports Competition with many teams advancing through the Finals each year. There is also the opportunity in becoming a part of the school’s ‘Technical Theatre Crew’ and working on a range of public performances.

Many past Drama students from Oakhill have forged forward to develop careers in the Performing Arts as performers, writers, directors, producers and practitioners.