Australian Science Olympiad Examination Results

Australian Science Olympiad Examination Results
October 24, 2017 Oakhill News

Congratulations to the 23 Oakhill College Year 11 students who completed the Australian Science Olympiad Examinations run by Australian Science Innovations. This year over 6000 students participated in the programme. High Distinction is awarded to the Top 10% (Joshua Wilkinson received this for Chemistry). Distinction is awarded to the next 20%, and Credit is awarded to the next 30%.

Oakhill College achieved 14 Credits, 6 Distinctions and 1 High Distinction –  a very pleasing result.


  • Joshua Wilkins                      High Distinction  Chemistry

                                                                     Distinction            Physics

  • Stefan Gazzana                       Distinction            Physics
  • Luke Haeusler                        Distinction            Earth & Environmental Science
  • Alexander Murrie                   Distinction            Chemistry

                                                                     Distinction            Physics

  • Michael Sramek                      Distinction            Chemistry
  • Liam Bailey                              Credit                     Earth & Environmental Science
  • Lucas Barbosa                         Credit                     Physics
  • Michael D-Souza                    Credit                     Chemistry
  • Lachlan Elliott                        Credit                     Biology

                                                                    Credit                     Chemistry

  • Stefan Gazzana                      Credit                     Physics
  • Lucas Goosens                       Credit                     Physics
  • William Hadchiti                   Credit                     Biology
  • Patrick Langford                   Credit                     Chemistry
  • Johanne Lilischkis                Credit                     Biology

                                                                   Credit                     Physics

  • Vanessa Messina                  Credit                     Chemistry
  • Marco Tupas                         Credit                     Physics
  • Zane Zschech                        Credit                     Physics