Learning Framework

At Oakhill College we aim to provide a curriculum which inspires, motivates and challenges students to maximise their potential in an environment where the learning, assessment and reporting are designed around transferable understandings and skills clearly linked to identified key ideas.

The College operates in a 1:1, bring your own designated device environment that is multi-platform and is supported by Google Apps as well as other faculty specific software.

The most significant benefit of having a digitally oriented classroom is that the learning is highly visible and allows us to promote a transparent declaration of the curriculum to support the learning outcomes for our students; it also provides 24/7 access for parents, students and staff.

Our classrooms are characterised by an environment which demonstrates personalised, student centred learning and encourages engagement through participation in collaborative, experience driven exercises which, in turn, encourage critical thinking and the application of skills to real-world scenarios. Through this focus and with the acknowledgment that contemporary society exists in a digital paradigm, we are able to personalise learning for all students, including those with learning difficulties and students who are gifted in certain areas.

By connecting students to field experts, community and global partners, our focus on this active learning aims to develop young men and women who are responsible and aware global citizens and who are committed to linking hearts and minds by living out our Lasallian values as an extension of their own world view.