Learning Support

Learning Support performs the vital role of support, guidance and assistance for students with specific learning differences and disabilities within the College.

Learning Support takes the form of specific programs, as well as group and individual assistance. The Independent Learning Centre is the heart of all the learning support, but there is also a substantial amount of support and team teaching done in the classroom setting. A specific diagnosis of a “learning difference” is required to access assistance from the qualified Learning Support Staff.

Oakhill Learning Support Staff provide a variety of support modes for the diverse learning population at the College. The students with medically diagnosed learning differences account for approximately 10% of the Oakhill College population. Every individual student is unique and collaborative communication between the teachers and parents achieve the best possible outcomes in a positive school culture framework.

The goal of the Learning Support Department is to strive for all students to gain the confidence to embrace all future options, while reaching their full potential and enjoying the opportunities that exist for each individual at Oakhill College.