HSC Reports

HSC Results 2017


Oakhill College Year 12 2017 have performed outstandingly and the College congratulates them on their attainment of the qualities of an ‘Oakhill Graduate’ and on their HSC results and ATAR scores. The College is a Catholic Independent school that continues to produce graduates that are not only academically successful, but also community and service driven, living a life that is faith filled. This year, the graduating class of 2017 results demonstrate a breadth and depth of talent, with outstanding results in multiple courses such as Business Studies, CAFS, Economics, English Standard, Legal Studies, Music 1, Mathematics General, Mathematics 2 Unit, Mathematics Extension 1 & Extension 2, PDHPE, Studies of Religion and VET Entertainment.

Fig 1: Band Summary

Band Oakhill (%) State (%)
6 12.48 10.01
5 42.27 27.88
4 33.35 29.99
3 11.31 18.78
2 2.23 7.94
1 0 3.66


In 2017, 54.75% of all HSC results were in the top 2 Bands (either Band 5 or Band 6), compared with the State rate of 37.89%. This indicates the hard work of the students and their teachers as many students were moved from Band 4 to Band 5 in the last months of study. The number of students achieving Band 1 or 2 was only 2.23% compared to the State rate of 11.60%. A rate the College intends reducing further through academic rigor and teaching initiatives.


Fig 2: Top 11 Results for 2017

Adam Taras 99.35
Peter Obeid 99.25
Jack Byrnes 98.9
Ryan Symons 98.75
Daniel Antoun 98.75
Adam Parslow 98.7
William Ki Ji Wan 98.55
Stephen Morris 98.45
Michael Pizzardello 98.4
Benjamin Winiarski 98.25
Ethan San Diego 98.2


Congratulations to Adam Taras who is the top achieving student in 2017 with an ATAR of 99.35. Overall, there were 11 students with an ATAR of 98 or higher, 24 with an ATAR above 95, and 52 with an ATAR of 90 and above.

   Congratulations to Adam Taras, DUX.      ATAR 99.35

Congratulations also to 4 students who achieved in the Top 10 in their course in NSW: Michael Pizzardello, 2nd  in Italian Continuers; Emily Towers, 3rd  in Hospitality; Angus Cox, 4th  in Financial Services; and Nathan Attard 8th in Information Processes Technology. This is a tremendous achievement and the Oakhill College community is very proud of their achievement.

In addition, the College had five students on the All Rounder List for achieving Band 6 in all their subjects: Daniel Antoun, Lachlan MacMahon, Daniel Magee, Stephen Morris and Peter Obeid. Furthermore, 133 students were listed on the Distinguished Achievers list for attaining a Band 6 in at least one subject.