Diverse Learning

Oakhill College combines a strong academic program with a deep focus on religious education and pastoral care.

Students are provided with a broad range of subject choices enabling them to develop the skills and knowledge that will help them meet the demands and challenges they will each face in the future.

At the centre of Oakhill College’s educational focus is a strong teaching and learning culture that challenges students to achieve their personal best. For each student, this is a very individual experience; it may be achieving excellence in their HSC examinations, constructing an ornate table in technology or mastering a musical instrument. We encourage students to develop skills they will use in the real world.

Oakhill College provides opportunities for students to develop independent and active learning skills through a rich and innovative curriculum that stimulates their thinking. The cornerstone of learning at the College is our experienced and supportive teaching staff, who are continually focused on developing new and supportive learning structures that embrace technology and new methodologies.