Principal’s Message

It has been said a successful school is measured by the quality of its graduates and Oakhill College is an extraordinary school in this regard. Not only does it have a long tradition of academic, sporting and cultural prowess but it is well known for its alumni who go on to serve and lead in the local community and in the halls of academia and government, on the front lines of our police and defence forces, in hospitals, schools, and care centres. At Oakhill, it is our mission to “empower all learners to serve and enrich our changing world”.

With a diverse curriculum and broad range of extra-curricular activities across the arts, sports and other creative pursuits, and within a well maintained expansive campus covering 27ha, including the beautiful grounds of the De La Salle Brother’s Training College, Oakhill is committed to excellence as is the ethos of the Lasallian tradition. Anything less is to limit the potential of creation itself.

Oakhill College is founded on the five key Lasallian principles of a Lasallian education: Faith in the Presence of God; Quality Education; Inclusivity; Respect for All; and Concern for Justice and the Poor. The dedicated teaching and support staff are as ‘older brothers and sisters’ and see the students in their care as ‘sons and daughters’, building a school where relationships are paramount for achieving successful outcomes: “touching hearts, transforming lives”, building better futures for all. Oakhill College is truly an extraordinary institution, more like a large family than a school, personally committed, focused on excellence, empowering, and imbibed in the presence of God.

Br Steve fsc