Chair’s Message

Mr Chris McNicol PSM - Chair

On behalf of the entire leadership of Oakhill College I welcome you to this website.
The purpose of Oakhill College is to provide a human and Christian education to the young, especially the poor. We are not alone in this endeavour. All educational sites of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools align to this purpose, set down over 330 years ago by the Founder, St John Baptist De La Salle.

We share this Lasallian purpose with schools in our District of Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Pakistan; along with more than 84,000 teachers in 65 universities and colleges, and 92 schools and welfare institutions, serving more than 800,000 students and children living in 81 countries. We are open to and respectful of all faiths and cultures, and our staff and volunteers are representative of the community we serve. Ours is a global community rich in linguistic, cultural, historical and traditional diversity yet universally committed to education.

We are all committed to another Lasallian ideal: reaching our full potential.

At Oakhill College we look for and nurture the desire in our students to be the best they can be, and we rely on parents and care-givers to actively support and encourage this drive through their personal words and actions.

As our world changes, and changes at an accelerating rate, the demands made on our young men and women can only increase. Our educational objectives include instilling the capacity for resilience in the face of external and internal pressures, teaching the tools for self-discipline, finding satisfaction in personal and group achievement, and generating a love of life-long learning.

As a centre of human and Christian learning Oakhill College seeks to reach its own full potential and has an active culture of corporate, professional, personal and technical improvement – to better serve the students we educate.

As the Chair of the Board of Directors it is my express intention that current and future students at Oakhill College have every opportunity to derive the same outstanding start in life that I obtained when I began at Oakhill College as a Year 5 boy in 1972 and graduated as a Year 12 young man in 1979.

Chris McNicol PSM
Chair of the Board of Directors