Campus Map

Liesse Office

College Reception, Accounts Payable and all Administrative Staff are located here.

Chapel Chapel

The College Chapel is located on the middle floor of the De La Salle Building

Maintenance Office Buildings

The Maintenance office is located opposite the front of the De La Salle building.

De La Salle Buildings

The De La Salle Building houses the College Chapel and is one of the oldest buildings on the Campus

McIntosh Buildings

McIntosh is a specialist building catering to Science and Hospitality students.

Carmody Theatre Buildings

Carmody is one of two lecture theatres on Campus.

Adrian Buildings

Adrian is another of the eldest buildings on Campus with views right over the Sydney Hills district.

Miguel Buildings

Opened in 1964, Miguel currently has 13 operational classrooms and faces the main yard.

Turon Buildings

The Turon building was constructed in 1984 to accommodate the growth of the Science faculty.

ICT Services Buildings

Located on the second level of the Turon building, ICT Services is open from 8.00am to 4.00pm daily.

P.J.Walsh Library Buildings

The P.J. Walsh Library was officially opened 3rd March 1992.

Walsh Buildings

The Walsh building is a specialist space for the Visual Arts department.

Miguel Lecture Theatre Buildings

The Miguel Lecture Theatre is the second of two Lecture theatres on Campus.

Solomon Buildings

The Solomon Building, more formally known as the Information Technology Building, was commissioned and opened on 23rd July 1995.

Quentin Buildings

The Brother Quentin building is opened on 9th March 1989. The building is named in honour of former Principal Br Quentin O’Halloran whose vision and initiative were prime drivers for its construction.

Harvey Buildings

The Harvey building was officially open in 1983 equipped with hand, power and machine tools for Industrial Arts.

Benildus Hall Buildings

Benildus Hall, the construction of which started in September 1969, is opened on 21st June 1970 and becomes the venue of Oakhill’s first-ever Art Show.

Centenary Sports Centre Buildings

On 27th October, 2006, the Centenary Sports Centre is officially opened by former Principal Br Ambrose Payne.

Centenary Sports Centre Pool Buildings

On 27th October, 2006, the Centenary Sports Centre is officially opened by former Principal Br Ambrose Payne.

Julian Buildings

Julian is located within the Agriculture space of the College and serves as a theory base for Students who elect to study Agriculture.

Agriculture Grounds

The College Farm is located at the Northern End of the College Campus.

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