Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday
March 2, 2017 Oakhill News

On Wednesday 1st March all Oakhill College students participated in Ash Wednesday liturgies marking the beginning of the Lenten period.


How will I keep a good lent?

“a time to turn away from sin & turn toward life in Christ”

 The word lent is old English for spring. In the northern hemisphere trees are almost in bud, preparing for new life. Lent is our 40 days of preparation for the great feast of Easter. There are three key disciplines or practices the church encourages during Lent: prayer, fasting, & almsgiving.

 By Prayer:

What shall I do to strengthen and deepen my prayer life?

8:00am chapel mass on Fridays, morning prayer, night prayer, grace before or after meals, the rosary, some special devotion – novena for the sick, regular reading from scripture or other spiritual reading;

By Fasting:

Can I give up things as a discipline to remind me of God?

Chocolate, meat, sweets or ‘give up’ a bad habit or sin [e.g. impatience, criticism, bad manners, moodiness, judging others…..]

 By Almsgiving:

What can I do to put others first? How can I help change the world?

Workplace giving, lasallian foundation, project compassion – caritas, support a local cause, special kindness to family, friend, neighbour;

The number of 40 days [excluding Sundays] is symbolic of a journey, a period of waiting, challenge and encounter with God. A period of 40 days is experienced frequently in scripture [e.g. Noah, Moses, Jonah, Jesus]; the stories all suggest that 40 days well spent can lead to a miracle, to a major change of heart, to transformation in our relationship with God and with our fellow human beings.

How will I keep a good lent?

Mr Chris Goodman (Dir Mission)