HSC Reports

The 2015 Higher School Certificate results were again worthy of celebration for Oakhill College.

The College is not an academically selective school, yet produces a level of academic achievement comparable with many selective schools. This year’s results continue to reflect the dedication, enthusiasm and hard work of students and the College congratulates all students on meeting their academic goals.

Some of the exceptional results for 2015 include Drama where 42% of students received a band 6 and  88% of candidates achieved a result in the top two bands for the course. The average result in Drama was 8.87 above the state mean. In Dance, 85% of students were in the top two bands. Chemistry, Modern History, Music 1, Mathematics and PDHPE all had a significant number of band 6 results. Entertainment industry (VET) also had a large number of band 6 results. Cassidy Osbourn was acknowledged as a top achiever for achieving 3rd place in this subject and Melanie Galla received a placing of 10th in the course across NSW.

The top achieving student in 2015 was Piyush Pius with an ATAR of 99.45. He was closely followed by James Dowers with an ATAR of 98.80 and then 4 other students with an ATAR at 98 or above. There were 7 students with an ATAR greater than 97, 19 above 95 and 48 with an ATAR over 90

This year two students, James Dowers and Piyush Pius, were listed on the distinguished achievers list having received band 6 results in all of their subjects. 2015 also saw 94 students in the Distinguished Achievers list for receiving a band 6 result in at least one subject.

Our mission at Oakhill College is to develop a graduate who reaches for the stars and gives of their best in all that they attempt. They have a winning attitude and an approach to life that has a sense of self-assuredness and confidence in knowing that if the work has been done well, then the possibilities are endless.

Throughout 2015 the Higher School Certificate students have shown a commitment to their studies and their achievements are a testament to their continued dedication and effort throughout their time at Oakhill. The feedback from our Year 12 class of 2015 has been that they are happy with their results and have been successful in securing the place they were working towards in further education or the workforce. This feedback more than any other, is evidence that Oakhill is indeed successful in living out its mission.